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Walking Tours

Below are just some of the many walking tours I offer.

Looking for something else? Get in touch and let me create one bespoke for you.

Image by Larm Rmah

A Wizard Day Out

Floo powder at the ready, we're off in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione as we discover the locations in London where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. We'll also look at some of the inspirations behind the books, and discover some of the secrets and clues behind the characters, plots and locations.

We'll take in the Leaky Cauldron, the Ministry of Magic, and - if you're feeling brave enough - the mysterious dark arts alleyway. Accio broomstick!

Tour length; 1.5-3 hrs


Street Art

Constantly changing, the East End of London street art scene features renowned street artists and graffiti writers using the walls of the streets as their canvas. We'll discover small streets, secret gardens and hidden masterpieces by some of the most exciting artists, such as Shepherd Fairey, Stik, Invader, Fanakapan, and the most famous of all, Banksy. We regularly see artists painting, and always find something new to get excited about. 

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs


Classic London

Is any visit to London ever complete without a trip around the area known as the seat of power? From royal palaces to political institutions, there are plenty of places which are must-sees - and we will - but in amongst these huge monumental buildings are plenty of secrets and nods to London's past. So we'll do big and small to really get under the skin of this important part of London.

Tour length; 1.5-2hrs


Secrets Of The City

The City of London is chock full of secrets - hidden alleyways, Roman temples, secret societies, clues and cheeky winks. Join me to uncover some of the bits the City never thought you would see.

Tour length; 1.5-2hrs


Women Of Westminster

Westminster is the seat of power and importance. Most of that history is told through the lens of the men whose names fill the history books. However, there are many women who helped shape history,  although their stories are rarely told, and in some cases were forgotten until recently. Join me to uncover their legacies and find out how women have been instrumental in London's history.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs

Image by Roberto  Catarinicchia

Changing Of The Guard

It's a classic. It's a must. But how do you get the best from this centuries-old tradition without being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Never fear - knowing the ins and outs of the ceremony means that you get the best spot to view it, will know what is going on, and a good insight into the best of the ceremony.

Tour length; 1.5hrs. Select days only.


Glorious Greenwich

The heart of London's naval history, Greenwich has all the positives of being part of a city, yet also having its own unique character. Amazing views, nooks and crannies, stories of seafaring and derring-do, as well as casually holding the title of the place where time begins, Greenwich is one of my favourite places to guide people.

Tour length; 1.5-2hrs


Smithfields; Blood & Guts

For centuries the area around Smithfields has been home to gory goings-on. We are on the trail of martyrs and murderers, body snatchers and severed limbs, plague pits and martyrs. And we're in luck, because they are plentiful!

The odd ghost and ghoul to round things off, and this tour is one that's sure to give you a true sense of what Smithfields and Clerkenwell's gory history.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs

Image by Craig  Whitehead

Soho: Harlots, Bawds & Stewbirds

On this walking tour, we take a look at the world of the 18thC sex and brothel trade, finding out how a certain little book governed the fortunes of the women who worked in the oldest profession.

We walk the streets where some of the most infamous brothels were located, and find out how this area became an area that at turns scandalised and thrilled society.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs


Slavery &
The City

London is a powerhouse. A financial centre, a history of wealth and importance. But what was this status built on? And more importantly, whom?

We take a look at how the City of London was implicated in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and what part it played in order to secure its own position, as well as looking at the legacy of that role today.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs

Image by Alex Litvin

Film & TV

London is home to a booming film industry. Hollywood regularly comes to film in the city, and as a result there are many locations which pop up regularly on screen. 

Together we will discover where some of the biggest films and shows were shot and hear stories from the set - from The Crown and Dr Who to Harry Potter, several Avengers movies, and horror classic 28 Days Later. We'll also take a look at the only movie ever to be screened live - and how it was nearly scuppered at the last minute by a WW2 remnant.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs


London In Colour

London's history would seem on the surface to be almost exclusively white. This is far from the reality. People of colour have been present in the UK since Roman times, and there are so many who have been part British history.

Join me to uncover some of these people and tell their stories.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs

Image by Andrew Haimerl

Blood & Guts

In a city as old as London, there are sure to be some ghostly goings-on. We'll look at some of London's best hauntings, and meet some of the creepiest and friendliest of phantoms. A perfect one for Halloween, or anyone with an interest in the otherworldly, you'll certainly be sleeping with one eye open after this tour.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs

Image by Erik Müller

Ghosts Of The City

In a city as old as London, there are sure to be some ghostly goings-on. We'll look at some of London's best hauntings, and meet some of the creepiest and friendliest of phantoms. A perfect one for Halloween, or anyone with an interest in the otherworldly, you'll certainly be sleeping with one eye open after this tour.

Tour length; 1.5-2 hrs


Covid-19 precautions

Our official guiding bodies have been informed by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport that we are allowed to resume guiding.

I will be taking the following precautions;

  • Limiting group sizes to 12 participants​

  • Guiding using a clear visor and, where necessary, a phone-to-phone app so you can hear me clearly

  • Requesting that all participants wear a face mask during the tour unless exempt.

  • If I am exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, I will cancel or postpone the tour, and all bookings will be refunded or given the option to re-book for another date / tour

  • I will store your details securely for track and trace.

You can check the risk assessment I have carried out by clicking below, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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