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During lockdown, I started a project on to bring people together. The aim was for everyone - not matter in the world they were - to grab a cup of tea, join me and others for a little slice of London's history, and forget everything else for a while

It was a huge success - I had people tuning in from Canada, Russia, Australia, South America, Indonesia and more. BBC London ran my story as a feature, as did other press publications, and we are now at over 100 episodes.

#GlobalTeaBreak is now back with the popular #MonarchMondays feature, at 3pm UK time on Instagram. Most of the past episodes are saved to watch again on my IGTV tab under #GlobalTeaBreak

NEW - private #GlobalTeaBreak for your workplace or group - short 15-20 minute chats just for your group. Click below for more information.

Here are some of the most popular videos from #GlobalTeaBreak.
There are over 100 available on my instagram channel

London's top 100 things

For #GlobalTeaBreak's 100th episode - London’s top 100 things according!

This was the end of the main run of the series, culminating in a whistlestop tour of the city that I love, and giving you some of my top experiences, both normal and strange, as a love letter to London and to everyone who had watched my series.

Black Londoners

Unknown people of colour in history

This week I decided to focus on some of the historic people of colour on London, in support of our black communities.

Here, we take a look at some of the people that history does not always see, from the poorest street sweeper and buskers with ship hats, through to an African prince, betrayed and sold into slavery. We include people who were instrumental in the abolition of slavery, and some who were not but contributed in their own way to society and the enjoyment of others.

Beefeaters at the Tower

A chat with Moira Cameron

Join us for the most epic chat with the wonderful Moira Cameron, first female Beefeater in history, about life at the Tower of London, how she got the job, and some secrets behind the Tower. Are there ghosts?!


with Lara Maiklem

Today we talk about mudlarking - a fascinating look at uncovering London’s lost history from the foreshore of the tidal river Thames. Lara has been a mudlarker for years, and recently published her book, Mudlarking, which is an amazing read, and I’m incredibly grateful to her for joining me here. Enjoy! And a reminder from @port_of_london_authority to stay away from the foreshores at the moment please!! 

A Pub-Off!

The gloves are off! Emily and I fight it out for our favourite pubs! We’ve each picked 4 of the best and we are here to get your vote for the best one! Watch as we fight between Guinness world records, oldest establishments, famous patrons and even an obscene grey parrot! What’s your favourite pub in London?

History's Weirdest Jobs

Isn’t history weird? Today we look at some of the oddest jobs, the craziest careers, and the eccentric employment of a whole host of people through the ages. This one is great for kids - there’s poo, silly names and even some dogs thrown in - or rather out - for good measure!

Dido Belle


I love Dido's story. It's so uniquely interesting in a time when women of colour in 'polite' society were incredibly unusual. Until the 1990s, her story was largely forgotten, until a book was published about her, followed by a film by the ever wonderful Amma Asante @iammaasante, Belle, which was a roaring success

In this chat, continuing our look at black British people in history, we take a look at Dido and her unconventional arrival into an aristocratic family, and unpack how influential her story and her guardian were in the first steps towards the abolition of slavery.

Henry VIII


The lovely Will Mitchell @whmtours is back to finish off the story of the infamous Henry VIII. We pick up the story again at Anne Boleyn, and take a swift trot through his other wives to find out what role they played in his life and what their legacy is. Come and enjoy!

Royal Q&A

Live Q&A with Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

Our history portal opens up again and we put your questions to the Queen and her consort! How did Victoria become queen? What innovations was Albert responsible for? What was the Great Exhibition? They answer all your queries! 

London’s weird street names

Ever wondered where some of those weird names come from that you find as you wander London’s little alleyways? Well wonder no more! In this Global Tea Break I decipher some of the weirdest, most bonkers names to find out the history that can be revealed

UK vs USA Showdown

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