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London's Top Attractions

If you fancy getting the most out of your trip with an expert guided tour, look no further!

As a qualified Blue Badge Guide, I enjoy privileged access to guide in places such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral, as well as being able to offer tours in many other top sites. You can do these as a standalone tour, or as part of a longer day.

Here are a few ideas...


Tower of London

1000 years of history, murder & executions, Kings and Queens, ravens and Beefeaters. This former palace, prison and oplace of execution is full of stories, and is a great place for families to explore

Recommended length; 1-3 hours


Westminster Abbey

For nearly 1000 years, every King or Queen to be crowned has done so on this very spot. One of the most important buildings in the UK, it is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture, and is the burial place to the great and the good of British history.

Recommended length; 1-2 hours


St Paul's Cathedral

One of the most famous buildings in London, St Paul's is known as the People's Church, and is considered the masterpiece of the architect Sir Christopher Wren. He is buried here, alongside many of the nation's military heroes, and it is a wonderfully calm place in the madness of the City. If your legs are up to it, you can walk the 500+ stairs to the top of the dome - well worth it for one of the best views over London.

Recommended length; 1-2 hours


Cabinet War Rooms

One of the best time capsules of wartime London, this museum is the location in which Winston Churchill conducted his wartime cabinet meetings. Closed at the end of WW2, the complex was closed until the 1980s, meaning it was perfectly preserved for us to experience one of the most top secret wartime bunkers.

Recommended length; 1-2 hours

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