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Image by Jaanus Jagomägi

Virtual Tours

Unable to travel? No problem!  Let me bring the city to you in the comfort of your own home with a whole host of tours.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Strongly recommended!  In these very different times, I have just enjoyed a virtual tour of London's ghosts. She is a super story-teller, and really brought the tales to life, alongside well-produced visuals. I shall certainly take more of her virtual tours

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I joined Alex for a fantastic Blood, Guts & History in Smithfield & Clerkenwell virtual tour. Alex is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable, giving us lots of interesting facts, origins of well-known sayings, and some great history of the area. Looking forward to doing another virtual tour soon!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐An amazing tour guide! Alex is incredibly knowledgable, enthusiastic and engaging. An amazing tour guide! Thoroughly enjoyed her Harry Potter virtual tour and her blood, guts and history tour of London.

Private Virtual Tours

One of the great things about virtual tours is flexibility. Not constrained by geography or weather, we can explore almost anything. Here are a few of my most popular virtual tours, but please feel free to contact me if you have anything else you might wish.


Street Art

Constantly changing, the East End of London street art scene features renowned street artists and graffiti writers using the walls of the streets as their canvas. We'll discover small streets, secret gardens and hidden masterpieces by some of the most exciting artists, such as Shepherd Fairey, Stik, Invader, Fanakapan, and the most famous of all, Banksy. We regularly see artists painting, and always find something new to get excited about. 

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Zisimos Zizos

London A-Z

A 1 hour romp through A-Z of the top attractions in London, taking a sneak peek at some of the biggest and most popular places that visitors to London often go to. And the best part? You don't have to leave your sofa!

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Larm Rmah

A Wizarding Wander

Flu powder at the ready, we're off in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione as we discover the locations in London where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. We'll also look at some of the inspirations behind the books, and discover some of the secrets and clues behind the characters, plots and locations.

Accio broomstick!

Tour length; 1 hour


Glorious Greenwich

Heave ho, me hearties. The naval area of London is home to centuries of seafaring and the gateway to adventure on the high seas. Some of the most exquisite buildings sit alongside the famed meridian line, and the place oozes with history.

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Craig  Whitehead

Harlots, Bawds and Stewbirds

We take a look at the world of the 18thC sex and brothel trade, finding out how a certain little book governed the fortunes of the women who worked in the oldest profession.

We look at where some of the most infamous brothels were located, and find out how this area became an area that at turns scandalised and thrilled society.

Tour length; 1 hour


Women Of Westminster

Westminster is the seat of power and importance. Most of that history is told through the lens of the men whose names fill the history books. However, there are many women who helped shape history,  although their stories are rarely told, and in some cases were forgotten until recently. Join me to uncover their legacies and find out how women have been instrumental in London's history.

Tour length; 1 hour


Black London

London's history would seem on the surface to be almost exclusively white. This is far from the reality. People of colour have been present in the UK since Roman times, and there are so many who have been part British history.

Join me to uncover some of these people and tell their stories.

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Benmar Schmidhuber

Under London

Have you ever wondered what is going on below your feet? Well wonder no more, because we are going down into the underbelly of London to find out what happens beneath the surface. Often referred to as tunnel-tastic, we hear of world first engineering, secret military citadels, ancient ruins and even species of animal unique to London's underground tube system. How deep can we go? Come and find out!

Tour length; 1 hour


St Paul's Cathedral

One of the most famous buildings in London, St Paul's is known as the People's Church, and is considered the masterpiece of the architect Sir Christopher Wren. He is buried here, alongside many of the nation's military heroes, and it is a wonderfully calm place in the madness of the City.

The best part? The views from the dome without having to climb the 500 stairs!

Tour length; 1 hour

abbey front.jpg

Westminster Abbey

For nearly 1000 years, every King or Queen to be crowned has done so on this very spot. One of the most important buildings in the UK, it is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture, and is the burial place to the great and the good of British history.

Tour length; 1 hour


Cabinet War Rooms

One of the best time capsules of wartime London, this museum is the location in which Winston Churchill conducted his wartime cabinet meetings. Closed at the end of WW2, the complex was closed until the 1980s, meaning it was perfectly preserved for us to experience one of the most top secret wartime bunkers.

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Andrew Haimerl

Blood & Guts

We take a look at some of the grislier parts of London's history. Executions, murders, body snatching, beheadings and burnings - there is a rich vein of gory history to be found...and we are going to open that vein. Strong stomachs required!

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Erik Müller

Ghosts & Ghouls

In a city as old as London, there are sure to be some ghostly goings-on. We'll look at some of London's best hauntings, and meet some of the creepiest and friendliest of phantoms. A perfect one for Halloween, or anyone with an interest in the otherworldly, you'll certainly be sleeping with one eye open after this tour.

Tour length; 1 hour

Image by Benjamin Davies

Travel The Thames

The Thames is the single reason why London is located where it is. We will travel down the river from Greenwich to central London in the way that many seafarers over the centuries have arrived in the city, looking at the different areas that border the Thames, and the little details that are easy to miss. Hints of the past, secret places where dead bodies were recovered, pirates getting their comeuppance, it is a treasure trove of wonders.

Tour length; 1 hour


Sewers, Filth
And Sickness

Sounds weird, right? Well it's a fascinating history. From an outbreak of cholera that changed the future of medicine, to hidden rivers, a cesspool so bad it stopped the government, and a man with a plan to revolutionise the city, it's all here.

Come along and find out what all the fuss is about, and how we still rely on hidden rivers for London's sanitation.

Tour length; 1 hour

If you don’t see the perfect tour for you, contact me to find out about creating your own itinerary.

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