Freelance fees for guiding engagements


All engagements are timed from and to Central London


Half Days (up to 4 hours maximum)

Morning tours to finish no later than 13.00

Afternoon tours to start no earlier than 13.30

Evening tours (up to 4 hours maximum)

- £150.00 (English)

- £176.00 (French or Dutch)


Full Days

London (up to 9 hours and finishing no later than 18.00)

Out of London (up to 10 hours and finishing no later than 19.00)

- £240.00 (English)

- £278.00 (French or Dutch)


Museum / Gallery Guiding

Highlights tour (up to 3 hours - most museums and galleries limit group size to 25)

- £150.00 (English)

- £176 (French or Dutch)

***If there is an entry fee for a museum or gallery, this is additional to the cost of the tour. You may either pay for this on site, or arrangements can be made to pre-pay your entry upon discussion


Public holidays

For guiding engagements on English public holidays, the following is applicable;

New Year's Day / Good Friday / Easter Sunday / Easter Monday / Boxing Day (26th December)

- +50%

Christmas Day

- +100%



For further information on cancellation fees and more complex itineraries, please look at the regulation guiding fees for 2015-2016. 

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