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Harry Potter Tours

Welcome, Muggles, come and follow in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione!

London Walking Tour

Muggles are all welcome on a tour of the locations in central London which featured in the Harry Potter films and inspired the author. See where Harry, Ron and Hermione hung out, fought Death Eaters, and got themselves into all kinds of trouble!


From the alleys which inspired Diagon Alley and the location of the Leaky Cauldron pub, to the entry to the Ministry of Magic, the bridge destroyed by the Death Eaters, and the square used as Grimmauld Place, we will enter into the magic of the films! We finish our tour at Platform 9 3/4 where the magical trio take the train to Hogwarts! And if you don't have your broomstick or any flue powder with you, you'll need an Oyster card to take the magical underground trains to get around town.

Harry Potter Studios tour

Fancy coming face to face with the actual sets used in the films? Then a trip to the Harry Potter studios is for you!


You will see Harry's cupboard under the stairs, be bamboozled by the array of magical specimen jars in Snape's potions classroom, and stand in front of the stairs to Dumbledore's office! You'll cross the wooden bridge, see the Hogwarts express belching steam, marvel at an actual moving Hippogriff, and be scared by the masks of the Death Eaters! You can even drink a butterbeer, take a ride on a broomstick, and buy your very own Marauder's Map!


This can be done as a standalone tour, or tacked onto a tour of the London film locations above.


Tu as été une super guide. Nous avons passé un très bon week-end avec toi. C'était formidable! Nous espérons revenir à Londres et nous ne manquerons pas de faire appel à toi.

— Claudine, France

Sites outside London

The films took place all over the UK. Locations in places such as Oxford and Winchester amongst others.


For a comprehensive look at other sites across the UK, please contact me to arrange a tour.