Street Art & Graffiti Tours

The East End of London is undergoing a cultural revolution. Historically the poorer area of London, it is now becoming a hipster haven, with renowned street artists and graffiti writers using the walls of the streets as their canvas. We'll discover small streets, secret gardens and hidden masterpieces!

Constantly changing, the East End of London street art scene features some of the most exciting artists, such as Shepherd Fairey, Stik, Invader, Fanakapan, and the most famous of all, Banksy. We regularly see artists painting, and always find something new to get excited about.  

Graffiti workshop

Want to try your hand at your own bit of graffiti and street art? I can arrange a spray painting workshop in a private little garden in the heart of the East End where you can create your own masterpiece, or even your own skateboard to take home! Contact me for for more details.


Through rain or shine, Alex always has a magical smile in place. She has heaps of passion and enthusiasm that lead you to have a fun, knowledgeable tour, that leaves you craving to learn more. 

— Fiona MacKillop, UK

London, England

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