Freelance fees for guiding engagements


All engagements are timed from and to Central London


Half Days (up to 4 hours maximum)

- Morning tours to finish no later than 13.00

- Afternoon tours to start no earlier than 13.30

- Evening tours (up to 4 hours maximum)



Full Days

- London (up to 9 hours and finishing no later than 18.00)

- Out of London (up to 10 hours and finishing no later than 19.00)



Museum / Gallery Guiding

Highlights tour (up to 3 hours - most museums and galleries limit group size to 25)





Public holidays

For guiding engagements on English public holidays, the following is applicable;


- New Year's Day / Good Friday / Easter Sunday / Easter Monday / Boxing Day (26th December)



Christmas Day





- 96 hours (4 days) prior to commencement of engagement


-  10 days prior to commencement of engagement 


- £150.00 (English)

- £176.00 (French or Dutch)





- £240.00 (English)

- £278.00 (French or Dutch)




- £150.00 (English)

- £176 (French or Dutch)


***If there is an entry fee for a museum or gallery, this is additional to the cost of the tour. You may either pay for this on site, or arrangements can be made to pre-pay your entry upon discussion
















Full fee


50% of fee


She was an amazing tour guide and always kept my group entertained

Joshua Schwimmer, USA, 2014


For further information on cancellation fees, overtime hours and more complex itineraries, please look at the regulation guiding fees for 2015-2016. 

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